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Drobiazg – Warning

Podczas zakładania konta musiałam potwierdzić poniższe ostrzeżenie. Oprócz rzeczy oczywistych, niektóre punkty mnie zaskoczyły, inne zaskoczyły i rozbawiły.

YTMND służy do „instalacji” typu obraz i dźwięk. Tak, jak ten wspaniały „Levitating Cat Judges You Positively” czy dźwiękowa wersja jednego z moich posterów, mało udana zresztą.


While it may not be apparent, YTMND requires its users to maintain a level of respect to the community and the rest of the internet. If you are planning on making a YTMND that contains any of the following elements:

# extreme racism
# hardcore pornography
# anything illegal (animal torture, anything that could be remotely described as child porn, etc)
# pictures of your friends or enemies
# someone’s personal information (sush as addresses, phone numbers, full names)
# inside jokes that the majority of the members of YTMND won’t understand.
# any of the following words in the title or text of the site: OMG, LOL, ROFL, WTF, PWNED, O RLY, OWNED, OMFG, etc.
# blatant copyright infringement
# complete lack of creativity, such as straight rips from family guy, the simpsons or any other tv show
# anime (please, just go to 4chan and get it over with)
# finding random images on the internet and putting them to dumb random songs

Your sites may be deleted, and if you fail to follow these simple guidelines to an extreme extent your account may be deleted. In order to create a site on YTMND, you must agree to the YTMND terms of service.